5 Gallon Bottle-Cap Washing & Loading Machine

200 Bottles/H … $ 1500

The price of full set 200 bottles per hour 5 Gallon bottle -cap washing and loading machine only cost 4680 dollar

300 Bottles/H … $ 1500

Complete set 300 bottles per hour 20 ltr bottle-cap automatic washing and loading machine for sales

450 Bottles/H … $ 1640

This is the cost of the 450bph 3 gallon 5gallon 6gallon bottle-cap feeding and loading machine

5 gallon cap washing and loading machine

Automatic washing and loading the 5 gallon-cap to the 5 gallon filling machine

It is used to washing and loading the 5 gallon-cap to the filling machine. The washing is ozone water washing

Inside with ozone generator

Default fixed on the top the filling machine

Working process of the 5 gallon bottle-cap washing and loading machine

The machine will produce ozone, and used ozone water washing the plastic 5 gallon cap. 5 Gallon is new once use cap, but it still need ozone water washing to make sure its clean enough.

Then it will automatic conveyor to the cap filler. And the machine will automatic loading the 5 gallon cap to the filling machine

Cap’s specification (mm)Φ28×15 (strip:L18mm,W:7.5mm)
Rated input power0.15KW
Electromotor  powerConveying electromotor0.12 KW (one )
Input VoltageSETTING
Rated current0.5A  1A
Net weight120kg
Outer size2000×180 (underframe:400)×3000(mm)
cap washing and loading machine