5 Gallon Bottle Loading Machine

200 Bottles/H … $ 1500

The price of full set 200 bottles per hour 5 Gallon bottle feeding and loading machine only cost 4680 dollar

300 Bottles/H … $ 1500

Complete set 300 bottles per hour 20 ltr bottle loader bottle to filling machine for sales

450 Bottles/H … $ 1840

This is the cost of the 450bph 3 gallon 5gallon 6gallon bottle automatic loading machine

5 gallon bottle take 180 degree loading machine

Automatic feeding and loading the 5 gallon empty bottle to the 5 gallon filling machine

It is used to feeding and loading the 5 gallons recycle empty bottle to the filling. It will turn the empty bottle 180 degree.

Come with 2 meter conveyor belt

Come with 1psc motor

Working process of the 5 gallon bottle loading machine

The machine key components of electrical appliances and metal materials manufactured by name brand factories.

It is not only with the advanced technology, high automatization easy operation and reliable performances as the genuine device , but also features with small size, small weight and beautiful appearance, anti-corrodibility, thorough disinfection, effective anti-air pollution and high quality,
The machine control by PLC. First the bottle will been position the right place, then it push the empty bottle to insert mouth, Then it will been conveyor to 180 degree to washing part of the filling machine.

The complete set of machine is made of high-tension stainless steel materials and stainless plate steel with precise argon arc, infrequent distortion and fair welding veins
All of this provide guarantee for normal running of the machine in various condition and functions stably component structures with stainless steel to assure normal running of the device under various conditions.

Bottle’s specification (mm)φ270×490×φ56
Rated input power0.6KW
Electromotor power Conveying electromotor0.55KW
Power supplySETTING
Rated current3A
Net weight30kg
Outer size600×760×1600(mm)
Air compressor specification0.1 M3     0.17M3/Min   0.8MPa/Cm2
5 gallon bottle feeding loading machine