450 Bottles/H 5 Gallon Water Bottling Plant

Total $19,770

All follow 6 set 5 gallon bottling machine was included in the total price. Complete 5 gallon 450bottles/h mineral/purified water bottling plant for sales.


Parameter of 450 Bottles/H 5Gallon Water Bottling Plant

Power17 KW
Packaged Cube20 cube
Weight1180 Kg
Water Cost13000 Liter Per Hour

Brusher Washing

The Outside and inside brush washing machine will automatic insert brush into inside of the bottle body and 360 degree washing the inside of the bottle with brush. Meanwhie, the brusher will full washing outside of the bottle with brush.

Push Washing

The 5 Gallon Water Filling Machine mainly machine included 4 station push washing.( Optional add more washing station)

  1. Pure water push washing for prepare.
  2. NaOH food-grade medicine push washing
  3. City water push washing
  4. Purified water push washing

Working process

Worker need feed the empty bottle which got back from customer. Then it will automatic removed the cap. The conveyor belt will moving it to the brusher outside and inside washing the bottle.

Then the bottle loading machine will automatic loading the brushed bottle to the 5 gallon water filling machine. The filling machine colledct push washing, filling and pressure capping in one machine. The push wshing have 4 station, first is water washing, second is NaOH medicine washing, thrid is city water washing, fourth is the purified water washing.

Then finished capper bottled water will conveyor to lamp light check and bottle mouth label steam shrinking.

5 gallon bottle cap pulled removed machine

Cap Pulled Machine450 Bottles/H $ 1920

It is applicable for the 5 gallons recycle empty bottle cap pulled. Its design smart and simple. effective cap pulled.

5 gallon bottle water outside and inside brusher washing machine

Outside & Inside Brush Machine 450 Bottles/H $ 5350

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5 gallon bottle take 180 degree loading machine

Bottle Loading Machine450 Bottles/H $ 1840

It is used to feeding and loading the 5 gallons recycle empty bottle to the filling. It will turn the empty bottle 180 degree.

5 gallon cap washing and loading machine

Cap Washing & Loading Machine450 Bottles/H $ 1640

It is used to washing and loading the 5 gallon-cap to the filling machine. The washing is ozone water washing

5 gallon water filling machine

5 Gallon Water Filling Machine450 Bottles/H $ 7770

NaOH washing, city water washing, pure water washing, filling and capping all in one machine.

5 gallon bottled water mouth steam sealing machine

Steam Mouth Sealing Machine450 Bottles/H $ 1250

It is used to heating and sealing the 5 gallons bottled water.